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This is an article not to help you write just any essay but a good one. Therefore, it focuses on a few key points that should help you write a good essay.

 Know the list of topics that have come as essays

Before you begin preparation for essay writing or WAT (written ability test) it is very important to note the types of essays or topics that have featured in the previous years. This helps you to gauge the difficulty level of the topic and the standards that the college sets for its students.

Write essays

The best way to master a skill is to practice it. Essay writing is not a difficult task but needs one to work for it. It is important to prepare before you write an essay. Read about the issue before you decide to write about.

When you decide to write, give yourself just about the same time that you would have in the selection process. (30 minutes in the case of SNAP).

Remember to follow the basics of essay writing, namely write in paragraphs, don’t make grammatical and spelling errors.

It always helps to make a blueprint before you decide to write, this gives you direction. This direction prevents you from thinking haywire and keeps ideas from being scattered in the essay. It also prevents repetition of ideas which is usually seen in essays. Students usually discuss one or two points over and over again.

Review essays

It always helps to get your essays reviewed. You will get an opinion about your content as well as writing style. Further, it also motivates you to write better as you know your work is being reviewed.

What helps your essay to stand out

Let your essay always bring out your individuality and uniqueness. Quotes, examples help your essay to be different. Don’t copy ideas about the topic from the internet, there will be many doing so and your essays will be lost in the masses.

To write a genuine essay, prepare examples, statistics for your essay. Write them in a note book so you can review them whenever you get time. Read about issues and opinions about these issues. All the information that you collect can help you write a good essay.

Anybody can write a good essay if you prepare and practice writing them.